This is a system providing a 10-year protection in the world and in Turkey, which provides the novelty and industrial
applicability criteria which are among the patentability criteria.
Advantages of the Utility Model:
• Serving small and medium-sized businesses to protect their modest inventions and maintain their economic
• Providing convenience compared to the patents in terms of time and cost,
• Providing prompt ability of taking an action compared to the patent protection against infringement,
• In addition to the highest level of technological inventions, making significant contributions to the technical development
by increasing and simplifying the production, improving quality and changing the production method and application,
and as small inventions,
Utility Model Processes;
Includes the following steps:
• Application
• Procedural review
• Preparation and publication of the research report
• Document decision.
The above-mentioned processes are valid when the reports are positive and there is no objection.